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Burnable items include lava buckets which are consumed in 2. The stirling engine also needs a redstone signal or pulse to run. Fuel items can be pumped in via a transport pipe for convenience. Stirling engines can be used as a power supply for mining machines. Stirling engines can be connected to each other, or they can transfer power through conductive pipes. Though it doesn't run much faster than the Redstone Engine, it provides a great deal more power per stroke.

Animated Engines

They are your best choice for powering a pump with 3 or 4 stirling engines, while if you are using more, a combustion engine will be needed for the water supply. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Prior to Buildcraft 3. There was one little "hitch" with getting it running I expect that the mfgr ran out of the right sized wick, and substituted a thicker one. Easy to solve Just set the wick in the glass bottle and go.

Currently unavailable. Build quality on this is very good. Especially at 8 pounds. The base is made of plastic not wood, which I didn't know would be good quality. I can tell you Lieyang used a very good quality plastic on this. Remember the old rotary telephone. With that kind of polymer that was indestructible It's called Bakelite I believe The metal build is done well. Nice and solid.. Had no problem getting it running Cut you wicks to size. Insert into the 4 reservoirs fill with alcohol Light wait about 30 sec to a min Also well packaged used two boxes one inside the other Very happy with purchase See All Buying Options.

Absolutely fun and educational. This is a very good quality Stirling engine. I became fascinated with Stirling and steam engines recently and bought three for my desktop. My other Stirling engine is the kind you set on a hot beverage and it is also great. This model is very fun and runs great. It requires about seconds to heat up heat up the bulb. Once the bulb is hot just give it a spin and away it goes! My two year old son loves to watch it go.

Basic Stirling Engine. Super cool product. Got it for my engineer brother as a birthday gift and definitely ruled over all his other presents. Its a great showpiece, conversation started, and science example. It's a bit expensive, but it's really really cool. I've been fascinated with Stirling Engines for years.

What is a Stirling engine?

This particular model has a black painted metal base, a single flywheel, a glass alcohol lamp and a power generator that lights up 4 LED bulbs. Speaking of safety. Although this item is classified as a toy, it does use fire, so children should only use it under adult supervision. I was sent a sample for review and I was very impressed with the way it was put together and how well it ran. I hope you found this review helpful. Questions and comments are welcome.

Stirling Engine:

Only 17 left in stock - order soon. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Higginson Tucson AZ.

I ordered one of these Stirling Engines when they showed up on the Gold Box deal, without knowing much about Stirling engines at all. It's been an enjoyable education. First off, the item arrived promptly and well-packaged, looking exactly as shown in the listing.

Stirling engines

It came with two of the glass tubes for the heating cylinder, the alcohol burner, two wicks, and an extra set of O-rings for the heating tube seal. It took longer to unwrap the glass tube than it did to attach it to the engine, and the machine was ready for use. My first attempt to run the engine was outside, revealing one potential issue with the design. Any bit of air movement tends to push the flame away from the heating Only 19 left in stock - order soon. I purchased this because I needed a Stirling engine for my lecture on thermodynamics.

It was solidly built, and worked nicely when set on a cup of hot water. It was good for "show and tell" because the displacer and compression cylinders are transparent. Students commented that it was a good demonstration.

Only 9 left in stock - order soon. This model can be used a demonstration of energy conversion for anyone.

Free piston Stirling engines: A review

My particular case is that I want to scale this up build a bigger one to a size that will charge 12 volt batteries. Michigan has winters with very little sunlight but lots of wood and snow.

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This model will help me with the important aspects of Stirling theory. The LED's are run by a small generator that can be adjusted rotated and centering to keep the "belt" straight.

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